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Psychopomps and Social Media

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

For the past year I've been on a lonely and terrifying journey. It began with frightening visions and slowly I've worked to make sense of them and gain control as an active psychopomp helping 4-5 lost souls per week to cross over. You can read more on the About page and the FAQs. I tentatively launched this website and blog just under a week ago. I felt it could help educate others about souls and the afterlife as well as support others who may be having the sorts of visions and experiences I was having at the beginning.

When starting to think about sharing the blog, I came across a Facebook group for psychopomps - what a find! I had never encountered another psychopomp before, nor anyone who had even heard of the word, even amongst those who were following a Shamanistic path. It was really great to connect with others who have similar experiences to me, to learn from others and to support those at the start of their journey. Thank you to everyone who welcomed me so warmly to the group - so many open-minded and warm-hearted people doing important and often unrecognised work to help others. I really wish I had found the group at the beginning of my own journey.

I'm writing this post today to the members of that group and others to let you know that my Accidental Psychopomp Facebook account has been frozen. I have appealed for it be reopened but reading online I don't hold out much hope that this request will be read, let alone acted on. I don't know for sure why it was frozen, but I think it was probably because I hadn't filled in any profile details yet and also because of the sensitive nature of the subject I'm dealing with (despite best efforts to frame things as sensitively as possible).

I probably won't try to restart another Facebook account at the moment because I'm trying to retain some anonymity and Facebook does not allow this. I appreciate why they need to be so careful, but for me anonymity is important, particularly to protect my young family. Schooling is difficult enough without being taunted because "your Dad sees dead people!" Also, while I've tried very hard to make this site as accessible, culturally sensitive and inoffensive as possible there may still be people, near and far, who do not like what they read.

The other reason why Facebook may perhaps have frozen my account is the nature of the content and particularly the title of the most recent blog post, which deals with a soul I helped who had committed suicide. With hindsight, mentioning suicide in the title was probably not the smartest idea, although I wanted to warn people of the content they were likely to encounter before they went any further. I completely understand why Facebook needs to be so tough on anything surrounding suicide. I too, have given this a lot of thought on this site, and have tried very hard to not to glorify death or the afterlife in any way and to highlight the complexities that still exist for many souls after death.

My very short stint on Facebook has highlighted to me more than ever the difficulties in navigating the tensions and sensitivities surrounding death, souls and psychopomp work. I will continue my blog, as I know from feedback from people from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs and ages, that it is informative and helpful. If anyone from the Facebook group finds this post I would be grateful if you might mention it in the group to let others know that I am okay and well. I welcome anyone to get in touch with me via the contact form on this site. If you don't find it too tedious, you can also log-in at the bottom of any blog post (using a Facebook or Google account) to leave a comment or question.

I look forward to keeping in touch.

Keep up the important work and thanks again,


Edit: Happily my account has been unfrozen and is working again after only 48 hours. However the content of the above post still stands anonymity and the very nature of our work are complicated issues.

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