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My First Year As a Psychopomp (Updated)

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I have been an active, practising psychopomp for over a year now. Those of you familiar with the Accidental Psychopomp site will know that at first I had no idea what was going on. It was also an intense period of learning and led to huge changes in my perception of the world. I came to accept new terms like ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality.

In the early months, new souls seeking my assistance to help them reach their afterlife world would come to me every night, and all through the night. These came to me as as visions showing the soul's final moments of their life on earth. The force of these visions was so extreme that I tried to stay awake until exhaustion rushed me through the light sleep phase. This only worked at night and the visions would enter my mind in the early morning. When my family caught a norovirus I actually remember being relieved to sit up all night with my sick children.

For several months I was tired and on edge. Receiving the visions was tiring and I found entering the journey state to meet the souls and help them on their way very tiring afterwards, too. Research indicates that this form of journeying uses the brain in a different way and, like other forms of meditation, builds brain connections and brain matter - we can easily see in toddlers and little kids that all of that is a very tiring process! I was dog-tired, and even my dogs were skittish around me.

I tried to stop the visions many times, but failed. This ability or gift was here to stay. So I decided to try seeking insight and help in non-ordinary reality (the space I enter when I intentionally undertake a journey to do my psychopomp work, some people might refer to it as the spirit world). Here I learned new skills from other beings I met and they helped to train me to have some control. I learned I could open and close a 'dragon's eye' to have some time off. I learned to be sure to always close the portal behind me at the end of a journey. I also expanded my team of helpers, some of who helped me to reduce the flow of souls and the intensity of the visions. Visions began to come more gently - softer more diffuse light, not so loud, starting more slowly rather than with the most gruesome moments, sometimes not even needing to show me the most gruesome moments at all as I could deduce it from the rest of the situation.

My first cases were often cases that I could locate on the internet because of the details of the person who had died (age, gender, race, how they look etc.) in combination with it being a fairly rare or unusual cause of death. I became a bit obsessed with reading about these cases, mining them for any mention of the minor details I'd learnt about from the soul, testing myself and this ability, proving things to myself. The 'proof' only works for me as no one but me could know where I had known the information previously or not, but I knew. I don't have a television, I live rurally and I work at home, so I have quite little casual exposure to world news. I was blown away every time with the detail of this ability. I learnt a lot about the world, different countries and people, their reactions, issues and experiences. Sometimes I even had souls from back in history and I learned new things about historical events or earlier times - like a Victorian women who died of a heroin overdose. I had no idea this was ever an issue back then and turns out it was, but mainly for men making her death particularly scandalous and hence her soul had been stuck for a very long time. For some reason my first cases were all women, then children, then slowly I started to get the souls of men, too. Each case seemed to highlight a different aspect of psychopomp work and with each new case I would learn more about this work, often in very surprising ways.

Nowadays, this is something I seem to have to do, but I do now have a sense of control. I can live with that. In fact, it's now more fascinating than scary. And, it has been really energising sharing my experiences and helping and supporting others who contact me through this site.

If this work was more 'official' and this site an association it would be time for an annual report of my psychopomp work. I have kept a journal with as many details as possible and I have written some of these up fully as blog posts. I will continue to write up more, but I don't want to flood the blog with them as some of the details can be a bit gruesome. However, I thought it would be interesting for others, and also for me, to look back and share some of the statistics on the souls I helped during my first year as a psychopomp.

Year One

Number of Souls Helped

Number of individual souls crossed over: 65

+ Covid cases: 12

+ 1 Plane crash (all crew and passengers crossed over. This vision was foresight occurring the night before the event but I didn't realise this until after the event occurred). (Approx 200 souls?)

+ 1 Holy Roman Army (Mainly women fighters) (Approx 1000 souls?)

+ 2 lions (one lioness and one male lion)

Given that the plane crash and the army crossed over as a group it is really difficult for me to know the actual numbers.

Where are they from?

By far the greatest number of souls I helped were from Iran. I have no idea why. I am not Iranian and they do not make up a particularly large demographic of the world. I had several cases from there and some included multiple death events. But I’ve helped people from all over the world. The soul doesn't usually tell me where they lived, but I'm often able to narrow it down using a range of identifying features that I see in their vision such as cars, clothing, food and buildings. All these things can help put a time stamp on the vision, too. If it's a death that has been reported in the media then I can often find out the country and date from an online report. Sometimes I just get the sense of a country, perhaps because the soul identified with being from that country.

Below is a list of some of the countries I was able to identify for the souls I have helped this year:

Iran, USA, UK, France, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Spain, Albania, Singapore, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Borneo, Vietnam, Philippines, Israel, Crimean (disputed), Pakistan, plus a lot of other unknown locations.

I did at first try to find the details of each case. However, I came to realise this just makes a lot more work and I tend to be more trusting of the information I receive and just try to help souls reach their afterlife world.

What types of people?

All sorts! I usually see events in what I call POV (so from the 'point of view' of the soul - as if I am the soul of the person). This has a feeling element to it as well, so as strange as it sounds I’ve experienced what it is like to be all sorts of people and even animals. This is really illuminating! Notable POVs are being a lion and being a woman. Regrettably it never ends well. It would be fascinating to develop this side of my ability further without the death part.

Notable Deaths

In this first year I 'POV' died so many ways it’s overwhelming to look back through the journals. It’s not surprising I was a bit jumpy. In this blog post I spare you the details and just provide a list:

Plane crash, virus, cross bolt, stabbed, lethal injection, sword, shot, blown up, drugs, trampled, drilled, eaten, car crash, aids, crocodile attack, hung, drowned, strangled, acid attack, run over, allergic reaction, poisoned, major natural event, tragic unforeseen accident, fallen/thrown, hit by a train.

To Summarise

All in all what a first year! I went from being ‘normal’ to accepting a 'paranormal' life. It’s like something out of a movie and at first I was not sure what sort of movie, a horror or a science fiction. Now I think of it more as a super power, I can do and see things which are of real help.

This blog post aims to give you a little insight into the volume and variety of cases and the very steep learning curve I had to do. Hopefully it might give confidence to other people who may be having similar experiences.

The above summary does not show the heartache and pain I have felt or the courage my wife has had to have to help me on my journey . For this I am immensely grateful to her and I feel I am truly one of the luckiest beings alive. Without a doubt her support has allowed me to accept and grow through this and be able to give back by helping others.

Just a little update that could perhaps give an indication as to why I have so much work from Iran. I did a DNA test and the results were really interesting. It showed my ethnic origins, I am Irish Gypsy (Roma from India originally) so it was no surprise that I would have a large amount of Irish despite not growing up there. In fact it was 67.1% my mother was almost 100% Irish! Next was 31.8% Scandinavian which would explain a lot of my spirit journeys. Then came the final little bit which was 1.1% Persian (Iranian before Iran). Meaning 5x great grand parents or 150 years ago. This was really fascinating for myself and family as I do many Persian things. The way I eat, things I do, in fact I don't even have the thirst reflex!! This has become even more prevalent recently since working on my new skills. It seems 1.1% can be a lot!

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