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Wondering if you would be able connect with souls, too? I think you probably can. 


I believe all of us probably have the ability to ‘soul whisper.’ It may be that the process is easier for some people than others and some people may have stronger abilities than others, but I do think all of us have the potential to make connections to some extent.  


I’ve put together a self-led, ‘Getting Started’ course suitable for all (aimed at those aged 16 and above, but it is possible for younger people to try under the support and guidance of their parent, guardian or other trusted adult). The course guides you step-by-step through the process that worked for me. If you are experiencing ghostly connections or scary visions then this should help you make sense of them, feel safer and more anchored. Or, if you’re just curious about connecting with souls or spirits this short-course will support you to gently and safely explore the potential connections you could make. 


What can you expect from the course: 

  • Written material in .pdf format 

  • 4 x .mp4 audio files

You will need a device that you can use to access these file types and also some way of making notes.


How long does the course take?

There is approximately 30 minutes of written material and 4 x 30 minute audio files. You will also need to give yourself some time to make notes before and after each audio session. You can revisit the audio sessions as many times as you wish – the files will be yours to keep, there is no expiry on them.


Click here to sign up or carry on reading if you’re unsure.


Here’s why I believe everyone can potentially do it…

Indigenous cultures worldwide connect with and consult their ancestors and spirits. In fact, it is almost uncanny how similar the beliefs and practices are amongst different peoples, different environments and different areas of the globe.  History and anthropology indicate that these are very long-held practices. This suggests that if we go back far enough, all of us would have been involved in this at some time. 


Based on current indigenous cultures it seems that there are shaman (medicine (wo)men etc.) who may have extra abilities or be able to make stronger connections. However, all members of a tribe or community seem to connect with their ancestors and other spirits to some extent. 


We might call this process part of our primordial human spirituality. Primordial is defined as ‘existing at the beginning’ or ‘from the earliest of times.’ It is an ability we all likely have – or at least would have had - from the earliest of times.


In earlier times, life was more focused around survival needs – food, water, shelter, washing, safety, reproduction. There was music, dance, craft and festivities but these usually helped serve one of those basic needs – for example building community to strengthen safety. The fact that connecting to the spirits was also universal suggests that was also vitally important to life in some way. I think spiritual connection was not a leap of faith but most likely a results-driven process. 


The importance our species placed upon their primordial spirituality probably helps partly explain the interest and expansion of religion throughout our more recent history. Primordial spirituality predates all of the modern religions and in that way it can unite us all. Re-connecting to souls and the spirit world is for the religious and non-religious amongst us.


Given all of the above, I think we all have – or had – the potential to ‘soul whisper’ to some extent. However, it is definitely possible that we have lost this ability, or it may be much harder nowadays, perhaps more so for some people more than others. Aspects of modern living such as increased disconnection from the land and the cycles of nature, the distractions of technology, relentless noise and light, ‘knowing too much’ (a scientific and medical mindset), cynicism, and the general busyness and restlessness of our lives and minds may make the process harder. 


Give it a try.


Interested, but still unsure?

The course is very low risk. This is a healthy, wellbeing-supporting practice. It’s good for you! Even just the process of trying will likely offer health-promoting benefits. 


There is considerable scientific evidence that meditative-type processes have a positive impact on brain functionality, even building white and grey brain matter. There is also considerable evidence of benefits for mental and physical health as well as wellbeing more generally. Beyond this, thinking about and connecting with souls is a fascinating aspect of life to explore, experience, discuss and learn about. I think it can ultimately also be a powerful source of change and healing in your own life and in the world more broadly. And of course, connecting with loved ones who have passed over and knowing that you will meet them again can be hugely comforting, especially during these worrying times. 


Overall then, there is little to lose because even just trying this is likely to benefit you in some way. The greatest risk is that you pay out a small amount (about the cost of a meal out) and you are left feeling that nothing has happened at all. For the reasons mentioned earlier, there is definitely a chance that nothing will happen for you right away and there is guidance in the course to support you to keep trying. 


If, in the end, after considerable effort, you still feel nothing has happened then you can take heart in knowing that your money has supported the work of the Lost Souls Trust and the Primordial Spirituality Trust.  

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